Rocket Cards

A solitaire style card game for iPhone and Ipad. Stack and launch all 9 rockets in the deck to win!

A unique twist on solitaire card games!
• Average play time: 3-6 Minutes.
• Each regular game is a brand new shuffle.
• Try the “Daily Game” for the same shuffle, new every day!

* And it's FREE! 

Simple rules:
• Stack up or down on any color.
• You can't stack beyond a 1 or 5 so use those wisely!
• Launch a rocket when you get 1-5 of a single color stacked.
• Each time you reset the draw deck you damage a random card! You must put the card into the workshop to fix it.
• Launch all 9 rockets (all 45 cards in the deck) to win!



Press Kit: link 

Art and Game Design : Kyle Jones

Music : Eric Matyas